The Show Must Go On!

The Whispers Experience


Kenny “Smoothvocal” Allen leads this dynamic group of talented artists as they cruise through the songs of the original The Whispers.  Each song is masterfully recreated to sound exactly as it was originally performed.  

Before you doubt what we say, they even have the blessing of The Whispers themselves… Look for yourself.   

The Whispers EndorsementLeavil Degree Endorsement   

When you hear the lead singer (Kenny) sing, it is as if Scotty or Walter were there singing in person.  How is that you say! You see there is a backstory to tell here... it has been said that… sorry we are sworn to secrecy. But what we can say is if you love The Whispers, then you will not only be amazed but fully entertained by The Whisper Experience. 

Let’s walk through some of the songs The Whisper Experience performs: 1. All the way, 2. Olivia, 3. Make it with you, 4. Lady, 5. Wet my feet, 6. Say yes, 7. Love is where you find it, 8. And the beat goes on, 9. I wanna know your name, 10. In the mood, 11. Chocolate girl monologue, 12. It’s a Love Thing, and 13. Rock Steady.  

Live performances: I Love You Love Is Where You Find It   

I Want to Know Your Name,  

We can’t say anymore about The Whisper Experience and how fantastic they are other than what has been said by the originals themselves.  We can say that we are offering TWE as a stand alone group or as a package with three other well known R&B, POP, and Contemporary tribute acts.

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Grady Harrell aka Jackie Wilson


The performance of Mr. Grady Harrell as Jackie Wilson et. al. is one that appeals to a broad audience and certainly a means to introduce to the younger generations one of the most dynamic performers prior to Michael Jackson and even James Brown, Mr. Jackie Wilson!  

We think the memory of Mr. Wilson is worth keeping alive and no one does it better than Grady Harrell. 

We encourage you to listen and see why we are so excited to offer this almost exact portrayal of the legend. 

Video of Grady as Jackie Wilson,

Video of Grady Harrell as Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke

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